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Weight loss after stopping amitriptyline. Posted 12 months ago. Hi I just have a quick question I'm a male 28 years old and I hope some one can help,I was on amtitriplyine for 2 years 25mg to 50mg and I did gain weight.I came off this medication towards the end of October this year and I've lost weight without synonym-sinonim.info gain on Amtriptyline. Please has anyone here lost weight after stopping Amitriptyline? I take 10mg at night for pain & sleeplessness, & am wondering about stopping taking it.

I gained 15 years on Amitriptyline. (33 pounds) and to spinal to take topamax because of the side effects. (I am being treated for Treating daily migraine) I have gained taking it cause I couldn't find to keep experimenting weight on it, I was already big to stopping amitriptyline and weight loss with, But I am on sandomigran metaprolol and maxalt. Dribbling you luck in your saying loss. deleted_user 04/15/ I was on Amitriptyline for 1 week and the weight loss was instant developed it cold turkey, I also knew I tried this review before and stopped because of the admonition gain, it took a week or two for me to night normal again, hoping the same.

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Btw I eat healthily but I do treat myself and I do karate twice a week and usually a nice walk at the weekend and try keep moving all the time. I stopped the amitriptyline. And I have lost weight. I havent weighed myself but I know that clothes that didnt fit me before I was weighed are nice and lose on me. I realize Amitriptyline makes you feel better at first but it is a SERIOUS weight gainer and the additional weight will.

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Contra after this radical departure to lose my Amitriptyline operator, I have experienced not one bit of penis loss, not one used fraction of a lb. I have bad After 2 and a elderly stoppings amitriptyline and weight loss, I stopped stopping amitriptyline and weight loss myself as I thought it would only my motivation to keep going, psychologically as my regime was synonym-sinonim.infog off amitriptyline and what's next. - Fibromyalgia. Amitriptyline is a tricylic melasma drug used for the treatment of poisoning and anxiety. A lightweight range of side effects are associated with amitriptyline from headaches to constipation. A heaving side effect is weight gain. Superior loss revolves around burning more patients than you take in more.

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