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may be too much for a first time user particularly with no tolerance, it may be better to take 2 lots of 60 (several hours apart). You may . I spoke to a pair of shoes the other day and they did a CWE using T1 tablets, each containing 8 mg codeine, 15 mg caffeine and mg acetaminophen. In total, I was wondering what is a safe dose to recreationally take it in order to fully appreciate its effects. If they do have something other than codeine, you can also do a cold water extraction to separate the codeine and the NSAID, but given that you're a first-timer and they're 30mg tablets, you don't really need  Codeine cough syrup.

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How much should I take if I want to get a "good buzz", how much to get slightly "high", people say around mg should be good for my body type, but I'm scared about the Acetaminophen. If I'm taking 3 to 4 should I do a cold water extract or take it as a pill. Should I start off with 2 and work my way up to 4. If you have zero tolerance to opiates, then I'd say about mg of codeine should do the trick. mg of codeine is "roughly" equal to 10mg of hydrocodone.

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