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i was just wondering if anyone has taking Topamax and then discontinued it or decressed it's dosage and experienced withdrawal symptoms? my doctor decided to lower my dosage since i've been experincing major weight loss and constipation i started yesterday and it was horrible.. i had panick attacks (i think thats what. Topic: Medication Issues. hi - i was wondering if anyone has any experience with decreasing their topamax dosage. i'm currently in the process of doing that, and was curious to hear from other people any side effects that they may have had. aside from potentially have a seizure, i'm not sure what to expect.

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Some people actually feel better within a couple days of stopping Topamax. Obviously it may take your body longer to adjust if you were on a relatively high dose for an extended period of time and/or you quit cold turkey. There aren't many horror stories regarding Topamax withdrawal like there are other. While you were tapering down, did your doctor give you another drug to replace it? My doc had me taper UP on Zonegran while trying to stop Topamax. Not sure if it would work for you, but maybe something you could ask your doc. Zonegran has a lot less side effects than Topamax. Yoga and meditation.

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