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I have taken Effexor for two days - XR and I am so nauseated. Does this go away? Thanks for your answers, Gretchen. I started taking effexor two days ago, the first day l had slight nausea, the second day l really felt sick, the nausea was real bad off and on, l woke up the 3rd day with real bad nause again, does it keep getting worse or does it stop. I am about ready to just stop taking it because l feel so sick, do l just need to.

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It is really helping her with he depression but she is suffering from the side effects of loss of appitite and nausea.. This isn't good for her as she is currently recovering from Anorexia.. What could she do to help either get rid of these side effects or help make them less of an impact on her? This is the first drug tht has helped. for the first time since i come off Effexor i feel great i feel no withdrawal symptoms. this is my 10th day without venlafaxine. i'm full of energy. and i feel great cause i'm beginning to . Venlafaxine may be started at a dose of mg a day, to reduce the risk of nausea, but the standard therapeutic dose is mg a day.

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