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for Patients Taking Metformin. Metformin is the generic name for a drug used to treat diabetes. Some contrast agents (such as those given for “CAT scans”) can cause mild and short-term changes in hours after your test, because of the risk of lactic acidosis in the rare event that a serious change in your. Contact your doctor about taking these two medicines together before you have any tests done that use an iodine dye. Your doctor may want to check to make sure your kidneys are working properly before and after the imaging test. In some cases, your doctor may instruct you to stop taking your metformin before the exam.

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Protocol for Management of Patients taking Metformin scheduled for CT Studies with IV Radiographic Contrast Media. 1. Metformin medications are generally used for patients with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and prior to CT studies with IV Contrast, AND withheld for 48 hours after the procedure. 3. Patients should contact their. How to take diabetes medicine that contain Metformin* after receiving a contrast injection for a CT Scan Stop taking Metformin and contact your doctor within 48 hours before restarting. Show this sheet to Category 2: Normal renal function but above co-morbidities: May restart Metformin after 48 hours if clinically stable.

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