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In all, you should be aware that taking Zoloft can have an effect on your menstrual cycle. Your periods may be late or follow an irregular cycle, or you may experience more painful and heavier period. You could be me. Sort of. I'm trying sertraline too after having no real success with previous meds. But if it messes up my cycle I will not handle it. I'm only on day 3 Might drop them if it's a known side effect. Sorry this isn't more helpful, just saw you'd posted to yourself a few times and thought I'd say your.

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Does Sertraline affect your Period? I read some posts saying that you may miss periods or they could stop, but then other posts say that it doesnt affect it? So im confused about that! Also does it affect the chances of conceiving? & would it affect the baby? Im not Pregnant yet, but would like to know this! I also am strict with. From what you describe, it sounds more like the symptoms of your anxiety/depression, exacerbated by both your menstrual cycle and coming off the Melatonin. If you had been taking the melatonin every day for a while, you can notice some side effects when stopping, mainly some rebound insomnia. I agree that you need to.

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