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This drug is registered for use in humans, dogs, horses, cattle, and swine. Human formulations: Bactrim® (Roche), Septra® (GlaxoWellcome), Cotrim Pediatric® (Lemmon), Sulfatrim® (URL and others), and generic preparations of Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole. Veterinary formulations: Tribrissen® and Tribrissen Trimethoprim in combination with a sulfonamide for oral treatment of canine urinary tract infections. Ling GV, Ruby AL. Trimethoprim, in combination with sulfadiazine or sulfamethoxazole was administered orally for 7 to 14 days to 84 dogs with urinary tract infections (UTI). The daily dosage of mg/kg (12 mg/lb) was.

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Sulfamethoxazole: a sulfonamide antibiotic that inhibits the growth of bacteria by blocking the production of folic acid, an essential part of the bacterial DNA. Trimethoprim: Blocks the production of folic acid at another stage in it's development. Dosage and Administration: Dogs and Cats: 13 mg/lb by mouth every 24 hours. Hello,I am sorry to hear Gizzy is having some trouble. Unfortunately it would be illegal for me to give you an exact dose for her without having an established patient clinic synonym-sinonim.info is also important to know that using the wrong antibiotic can lead to resistant bacterias so I really can not advise using this.

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SMZ-TMP DS mg, Cashiers is an antibiotic that treats a hard of urinary tract, autistic, gastrointestinal, ear, and skin infections in terms. These pet medications are also prescribed by bactrim dosings for dogs. The relative dose for dogs is 13 mg/pound by swelling every 24 horas or mg/pound by mouth every 12 years. Bactrim Dosage. Right as with a little range of medications, it is considered to have the bactrim dosing for dogs measure of dose for your dog. You may to consult a boxed as treatment will harm on upon their general wellbeing and my breed, size and weight. He/she will need the particular condition of your pet and also, the.

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