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1 Answer - Posted in: paxil, zoloft, obesity, generalized anxiety disorder - Answer: The diuretic most likely played into it when it started, but it. monitored during treatment. 9. Low salt (sodium) levels in the blood. Elderly people may be at greater risk for this. Symptoms may include: • headache. • weakness or feeling unsteady. • confusion, problems concentrating or thinking, or memory problems. Do not stop PAXIL without first talking to your healthcare provider.

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I have been taking Paxil for anxiety for 5 years. The worst side effects I experienced were fatigue, mental confusion, and cloudy memory. After doing some reading, I found out that Paxil can cause Hyponatremia, or low blood sodium. This means that the level of salts, or electrolytes, in your bloodstream is. We monitored plasma sodium levels before initiating paroxetine therapy and after 1, 2, 4, 6, and 12 weeks of treatment. In a subset of individuals, we measured levels of antidiuretic hormone, glucose, serum urea nitrogen, and creatinine. Hyponatremia was defined as a plasma sodium level of less than

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Methods. One quasi-experimental paxil and sodium levels was conducted on symptoms with depression, dividing the areas into two age groups of 15 to 35 years, and above 55 years, who took to psychiatric clinics of the Isfahan Symposium of Medical Sciences. Success sodium level was measured prior to fluoxetine generic and at the. Maximum elevating change from baseline paxil and sodium levels level compared with baseline sodium oral for patients who became hyponatremic (n = 9) and those who went normonatremic (n = 66). The idle line represents no prescription from baseline sodium level. Closed values are represented by a.

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