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But if my baby hurts and that is the only way I can reduce her fever or make her comfortable, I'll give her the recommended dose. I always give the acetaminophen as a last resort if nothing else works. I think it is irresponsible to proclaim something safe just because it is homeopathic. Oh - and vaccines. If we don't give acetaminophen to babies and toddlers for pain, and we rarely give it for fever – this will change the landscape of over-the-counter You just said who would subject their child to testing, questioning the trial, but yet continue to give it to your own child, without knowing if it's safe or not! Ask for.

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Rectal suppositories (FeverAll® or Tempra®) are available for children who have trouble taking medicine by mouth or can't keep medicines down due to vomiting. Tylenol® makes Infants' Tylenol® ("drops") and Children's Tylenol® oral suspensions, as well as Jr. Tylenol® chewable tablets. Many generic brands of. These two medications are safe to use together like this. 1 tsp (5ml) A study in has shown that giving an initial double dose of acetaminophen for high fevers is both safe and more effective to bring down that high fever fast. Weight: Milligram Dosage, Infant Drops 80mg/ml, Children's liquid mg/5ml, Children's.

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