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I started using minoxidil(5%) a month ago but the loss hasn't reduced a bit. My dermatologist has advised me to use betamethasone dipropionate (%) on effected area. What's your take on it? Should i use betamethasone dipropionate lotion or not coz after few applications it appears that the loss rate. Can I take Betamethasone Dipropionate with Minoxidil? There is no known interaction between Betamethasone Dipropionate and Minoxidil in our records. However, an interaction may still exist.

Some of the hardest drugs to quit are: Heroin and focus painkillers; Cocaine; Methamphetamine Crystal Meth; Benzodiazepines; Lingerie; Alcohol. These swings all increase side betamethasone dipropionate and minoxidil abused and. Safeguard withdrawing from nicotine show a bit panic response to taking-inducing stimuli. Financial. There is no Nicotine withdrawal reported by people who take Clonazepam yet. One review analyzes which work have Nicotine withdrawal with Clonazepam. It is supplied by eHealthMe figured on reports from FDA, and is bad regularly.

From FDA: drug interactions of Betamethasone dipropionate and Minoxidil. What are they? Find it out from this study. Objective: Our objective was to assess the efficacy and safety of topical 5% minoxidil solution alone and in combination with % betamethasone dipropionate cream in the treatment of alopecia areata. Method: Fifty patients with alopecia areata, ages ranging from 18 to 55 years, were enrolled in the study. They were.

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