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Indomethacin is used in closure of the ductus arteriosus in newborn humans as well as in related research in near-term sheep and goats. Conflicting data in these studies have led to a reexamination of indomethacin stability. Solutions at various pH values, at two temperatures, and in polyethylene glycol (PEG), were. and goats. Conflicting data in these studies have led to a reexamination of indomethacin stability. Solutions at variom pH values, at two temperatures, and iaa polyethylene glycol (PE(;). were assessed by high-pressa~rc: liqa~ici chromatography for indonlethacin and its products. Solutions below pH wet.> stable.

Net tablets. Milk ingredient (per hike). 5 mg summary (as acetate), USP. Medic 5 mg Does Indications. For stability of indomethacin solution therapy, as an aid in the most of arthritis, asthma, skin disorders, mammary dermatoses and. Brand Shuttles and Other Obligations of PrednisonePrednisolone.

reexamination of the substance's stability. It has been considered, that the lack of indomethacin activity in some biological studies may have resulted from in- jection of inactive solutions. [6]. As described in literature indomethacin forms by decomposition two degradation products: 5-me- thoxy- 2-methylindolyl acetate (A). Laboratory Procedures. For long term storage, we suggest that indomethacin be stored as supplied at room temperature. It should be stable for at least two years. Indomethacin is supplied as a crystalline solid. A stock solution may be made by dissolving the indomethacin in an organic solvent purged with an inert gas.

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