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1 Answer - Posted in: plavix, food - Answer: No there are no dietary restrictions with it. It works later in the. Does anyone have any information that eating leafy green vegetables (high in vitamin K)and taking Plavix may be contraincated?

NSAIDs. For most women, the plavix and dark green leafy vegetables ibuprofen or naproxen tablet shouldn't drink problems. So you take these drugs for longer periods of time, however, mummy to your body. "You definitely want to first page with a physician about whether to take NSAIDs, for how do you should take them, and at what. Now ibuprofen is thought of as a large drug, it can cause constipation and stomach problems.

Green leafy vegetables are full of vitamin K. This fat-soluble vitamin is made use of in the body for the formation of blood clots. Eco-friendly leafy veggies include broccoli, kale, spinach and certain lettuces. If a lot of of these vegetables are consumed, the action of blood thinning treatment may be modified. Vitamin K will reverse the effect of Warfarin so I have to be careful of the leafy green vegetables I have and the quantity, that included broccoli, slaw, any greens and especially collards and Kale that have a lot of Vitamin K. Moreover, to add to the tight rope I walk with keeping the INR within my therapeutic range is whether.

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