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Hi, What is your puppy doing that you think he needs benadryl? You can give him some--the normal dose is 1 mg/pound, but for a puppy I would probably give half that amount. So if he is 5 pounds, give mg. But if he is really itchy, he may have something like sarcoptic mange or an allergic reaction and would be better. By Jessica Vogelsang, DVM. Benadryl, also known by its generic name diphenhydramine, is one of the few over-the-counter drugs that veterinarians routinely have owners administer at home. While it is generally well tolerated and has a wide safety margin, there are a few things owners should keep in mind before dosing it  ‎Itchiness, Desire to Scratch · ‎What Can I Give My Dog For · ‎Scratching (Intense).

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However, you can give Benadryl to a Chihuahua puppy or dog for acute allergic reactions in which the dog needs fast treatment. 8 lbs. ( kg) 8 mg. 9 lbs. ( kg) 9 mg. 10 lbs. ( kg) 10 mg. If you choose to use liquid Benadryl, the dosing is ml for each 1 pound of body weight. Using a medicine syringe that shows. I'm at work so I can't be home to watch her. So my husband is home for the next hour watching over her and then taking her to his mom's house to have her keep an eye on her. But I just wondered if someone can give me reassurance that she is going to be ok. Can you overdose on Benadryl? I have an.

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Providing you can you give a 8 week old puppy benadryl for the Benadryl, impact your veterinarian about your dog's allergies. Allergy thrombi like itching and red eyes are also decreases of more serious conditions. In some authorities, like glaucoma, giving your dog Benadryl can possibly worsen your dog's condition. Red, ordered eyes could be a. You can give your medication antihistamines like Benadryl (diphenhydramine only, the pharmacist products have drugs which can be used to dogs) at 1mg per kilogram or one more . My 8 week old lab test was given her first distemper shot spinal, along with medicine for round worms and pimples (Capstar and Frontline).

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