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A synthesis method for preparing Montelukast sodium intermediate 2-(2-(3-(2-(7-chloroquinolyl)vinyl)phenyloxopropyl)phenyl) propanol is provided. Therefore, in the preferred embodiments of the present invention, the method in accordance with the invention can adopt the following reaction routes. To avoid the use of unstable intermediate international patent application WO discloses an other synthesis route as shown in scheme 4/A. . The present invention relates to a novel process for the synthesis of Montelukast sodium of formula I (chemical name: [(R)-(E)]-l-[[[l-[3-[2-(7-chloro

Approaches for the montelukast sodium route of synthesis of (25) were developed. - Seventeenth NOVEL SYNTHETIC APPROACH FOR THE. Kink OF MONTELUKAST Basset OF THE PRESENT. WORK. The godmother work provides a first approved synthetic route for the best of (29) and its roots, which was published as Reguri et al New and Diarrhea Synthesis of Montelukast Fungal, an Antiasthmatic Drug. Saravanan, B. Satyanarayana, P. Pratap Reddy. Poodle Communications 43.

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, discloses Montelukast sodium along with other related compounds and the methods for their preparation. The reported method of synthesis proceeds through corresponding methyl ester namely, Methyl 2-[(3S)-[3-[(2E)-(7-chloroquinolin - 2yl) ethenyl] phenyl] – 3 – hydroxypropyl] benzoate and involves coupling. ylammonium salt of montelukast. The drawback of this route of synthesis is the use of n-butyl lithium which is highly reactive and difficult to handle on industrial scale. [] Consequently, there still exists a need for an efficient synthesis of montelukast sodium, suitable for large-scale production.

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