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EXPLAIN WHY THYROXINE HAD THESE EFFECTS. THYROXINE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HORMONE IN MAINTAINING METABOLISM AND BODY HEAT. 7. ACTIVITY 3: WAS THERE A CHANGE IN THE METABOLIC RATE OF THE THYROIDECTOMIZED RAT WITH THE ADMINISTRATION OF TSH? EXPLAIN YOUR. With thyroxine. Weight (g). Same as baseline. Same as baseline. Same as baseline ml O2 used in 1 minute. Variable, – Variable, – Variable, – If an animal has been hypophysectomized, what effect would you expect to see in the hormone levels in its these patients has type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

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5 Explain why thyroxine had these effects Thyroxine had these effects because from SCIENCE at Kaplan University. The effect of the thyroxine in the rats increases the metabolic rate. 5. Explain why thyroxine had these effects. Thyroxine is a hormone and it had these effects because it is most important in maintaining body heat and metabolism. The following questions refer to Activity 3: Determining the Effect of TSH on.

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