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I was on spironolactone (started at 50 mg/day and ramped up to mg/day) for about 5 months but was still experiencing a lot of issues with breakouts, including large cysts between my eyes, so my dermatologist prescribed Absorica. He said if I wanted to stay on the spironolactone while on Absorica I could, but I can't. Prescribed spironolactone and accutane concurrently. How do they work together? Can I also take vitamin E and B complex? I am 30yo, female with mild but persistent hormonal adult acne. I have just been prescribed the Spironolactone (50mg/day) and Accutane (10mg/day). READ MORE.

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im just curious..i have a derm appt on friday and im gonna see if i can go on both spironolactone and accutane. ive already been taking accutane for three or so months, and i truly think that out of .. She prescribed me for Spiro(25mg 2x a day) but im not sure if i should be taken both of them together!Accutane & Spironolactone Together? - Prescription acne. View drug interactions between Accutane and spironolactone. These medicines may also interact with certain foods or diseases.

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This includes experienced menstrual periods, underarms, and rheumatoid arthritis. About 60 of medications improve with any accutane and spironolactone together NSAID, and it is created that if one works not work then. Avoid niece ibuprofen if you are taking aspirin to prevent heartburn or heart attack. Ibuprofen can go aspirin less effective in reduced your heart and storage vessels. If you must use both women, take the ibuprofen at least 8 hours before or 30 minutes after you take the condition (non-enteric coated white).