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“The medicine expiration date is a critical part of deciding if the product is safe to use and will work as intended,” says Ilisa Bernstein, Pharm. When drug take-back programs aren't available, federal guidelines recommend throwing the medicines away in the household trash after mixing them with a. These dates often say "do not use after " or "discard after " and are required by the Board of Pharmacy in many states. These dates are typically one year from the date on the stock bottle. But why would these expiration dates be different? According to the manufacturer, the stability of a drug cannot be.

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So even though expired amoxicillin, for example, is probably OK to take in tablet form, if it's amoxicillin in a liquid suspension which is well past its expiration date, then it's highly likely it's going to provide you with only a weakened dose. That sort of weakened-dose outcome is bad when it's an antibiotic given to treat some. expirationdate. But what does the expiration date mean? Is a medicine still safe to take after its expiration date? Will it cause harm or just not work However, it is still advisable to replace medicines that have expired years ago with a new supply to be sure you are using the most up-to-date product with the.

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