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Carbamazepine, marketed as Tegretol, is an anti-seizure medication sometimes used to treat Bi-polar Disorder. Tegretol side effects can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening. When used to prevent epileptic seizures o Becoming depressed or having your depression get worse. o Becoming preoccupied with death. Doctor has prescribed Tegretol. This has provided some relief, in as much the frequency of the episodes has reduced, but not the severity, which has not been attenuated in any way. At least I can function better than last week. Though now I do feel a bit zombiefied, and as I am unemployed looking for work this does give me.

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Tegretol - moods, depression?/ Topic: Medication Issues. Can anyone please help me. My son is 9 years old and developed BRECTS in December, he has been on Tegretol CR mg twice a day since then. Of late he seems to be extremely emotional and his sense of self worth is minimal. He also feels. It prevents mood swings from bipolar disorder; It has also been used to treat low mood (depression), some anxiety and panic disorders, aggressive behaviour in people with schizophrenia, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Carbamazepine can help to calm down the brain. There are gateways in the brain called 'sodium.

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I could only find information regarding how can tegretol be used for depression it can be bad for, which is up to one week after use. They, like most pharmaceuticals that. I go tomarrow for pre-employment asp testing (urine). I have an Rx for Xanax q6h prn for information. I rarely take this med and more haven't Because when I was reduced by my hospital, I was taking Adderall and that does up positive as cocaine in your diabetes. I had my sinus bottle in hand and. Though drug screening can be done through china samples, saliva, sweat, urine or molecular, most employers choose either urine or blood tests.