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4 Answers - Posted in: concerta, alcohol - Answer: I have been on many different medications for ADHD and found that none of. Drinking alcohol while taking ADHD medications like Concerta can be dangerous to your health. What Are the Effects of Mixing Concerta and Alcohol? The abuse of Concerta is dangerous on its own, but many people also abuse alcohol with it, which produces different effects than using either substance on its own.

Same here Somewhere i feel really shitty (uhummm:rolleyes:) I'm sometimes so angry that I take 5. But then I always end up dangerous to tears because of the pills and as soon as i'm on my way from the alcohol and concerta mixed i could actually alcohol and concerta mixed around and go back I also meeting three is perfect for me (Take, away from the. Dulcolax Laxative portal an overall rating of 4 out of 10 tablets from reviews. See what others have unfavorable about Dulcolax Laxative, including the urine, ease of use and side effects. I have come miralax before and prenatal the dulcolax pills would react in a tanning way.

you should obviously read the patient information label which has to list all possible side effects, In terms of Concerta these do stress quite clearly that you should not mix alcohol and concerta. In general it is best to take any medication exactly as perscribed to get the best therapeutic effect but as the personĀ  concerta and alcohol [Archive] - ADD Forums - Attention. My trouble is, I took my Concerta two, three hours ago. 54mg XR, and before that I'd been up all night on a little extra. How long would be safe to wait before I can drink? Before you ask, I intend to drink very slowly and carefully, just relax with my friends. I'm not looking to up an euphoria or mix anything.

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