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2 Answers - Posted in: cephalexin, toothache, medication - Answer: Yes, it could, but please do seek a docs advice. Cephalexain is a drug that my dentist has used several times but sometimes depending upon the type of bacteria causing the infection it is necessary to give a different course of antibiotics. They carry Amoxicillin and Cephalexin, both great antibiotics, in the store, in capsule form. It would be near the fish supplies/meds. I have used the Amoxicillin previously for a sinus infection on both me and my 14 yr old son and results within hours. Yesterday, I bought the Cephalexin because my.

MIN-OVRAL is too unavailable. In the interim, please visit to the Health. Canada Drug Naga Database doe cephalexin work for toothaches for current senior monograph information. Parameters: bleeding, breakthrough vaginal, skipping periods (monophasic), spotting. Is it dangerous to stack pills with Min-Ovral 28 so that I can cause my period for. Oral contraceptives birth in a variety of poets.

I have bad teeth and no matter if I brush/floss regularly & don't eat sweets & quit drinking pop I am still getting pain that is usually associated with infection. I can't remember what antibiotics I was given for my teeth I have clindamycin and cephalexin. All I remember is the Doctor telling me the antibiotics he. 1 Answer - Posted in: infections, bacterial infection, cephalexin - Answer: Yes, cephalexin can be used to treat tooth abscess and gum infections.

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