Can i take 400mg of ibuprofen with co codamol

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I had taken 2 CoCodamol and they advised me to take 2 ibuprofen even though it was within the same hour. The pain is back and I just want to know if it's safe to take another 2 CoCodamol? Report this Hi Nikki, all I can say is just be carefull with CC they can be very addictive in the long term. Report this. 1 Answer - Posted in: pain, sciatica, ibuprofen, tablet - Answer: Hi Harriet, Co-codamol is a combination of codeine and Tylenol. Ibuprophen.

You can take ibuprofen and co codamol together can't you. Tout been prescribed both but not fully if I can take together or have to have muscle-sinonim.info I take paracetamol not tramadol?.

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There are a number of painkillers that you can buy over the counter without a prescription to help control pain. If your doctor Ibuprofen is an example of this type of medicine. • Another name for this medicine However, you should not take Paracetamol alongside Co-Codamol as this could result in you having higher than. Do not take with anything else containing paracetamol, such as cold and flu treatments, co-codamol, or co-dydramol, as this will result in taking more than the recommended maximum daily dose of paracetamol. Anti-inflammatory medicines. • Examples include ibuprofen (Nurofen®), diclofenac (Voltarol®), naproxen.

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