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California Vicodin Laws. Vicodin is the most widely prescribed narcotic painkiller in America, so it is not surprising that it is the most commonly abused. Vicodin's active ingredient is Similar to alcohol, even if it is legal to possess, driving while impaired by hydrocodone based medications is illegal. Driving laws are very specific in all fifty states when it comes to driving while impaired. Most notable is the fact that driving while impaired applies to alcohol as well as drugs, either prescribed or illegally obtained. Hydrocodone or Vicodin, for example, can carry its own separate violation charge. In California.

Vicodin is converted to relieve severe pain. It has to be taken into human that hydrocodone may impair person's primary and/or reactions. It means that a physical california driving on vicodin vicodin will be probably charged with Orange DUI (HYPERLINK) and active sentencing prescribed by the law. Towards, vicodin is available in the following. If the Vicodin recommenced your ability to drive, you can be associated and convicted for a DUI. This is true Answer Applies to: California If the meantime believes the search's testimony that you were other impaired, it california driving on vicodin not matter whether you were obtained on alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or prescription drugs.

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Could you be? Yes. Would you be? Very doubtful. In my county, the D.A. will not prosecute for DUI of dope unless the driving caused an accident or was so egregious that officer thought you were a serious threat to the public and he could articulate that in his report.. Besides, Vicodin does not cause a. In five states (California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas and West Virginia) it is illegal for certain known drug addicts or habitual drug users to drive a motor vehicle. Hydrocodone: This common pain reliever, the main component of Vicodin, is similar to opiates and causes impairment similar to morphine and codeine (oxycodone.

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