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My doc put me on provera to start my cycle and I'm just starting to cramp today. On cycle day 3 thru 7 I will take mg of femara three times a day so (mg) then a trigger and iui. My question is should I be concerned about going so aggressive for my first round? Does anyone have success stories? Hi synonym-sinonim.info here had success with iui taking letrozole? I just had my first failed iui. Going to try it again next month. They didn't give.

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I've never heard of the 3 tries you mentioned, I would think that as the iui success rate is quite low you'd need a few tries first. Good luck! b The cycle we got pregnant on I was on mg Femara days (usually I did days ) and 50IU follistim days , trigger day 11, IUI evening of day I actually. Went in the following day and had IUI. I am now weeks pg with TWINS! Letrozole is a drug for breast cancer and is not FDA approved for infertility. If you are still seeing your OB and not a RE, that could be the reason for concern writing you a RX for it. When I went back to my OB to begin my prenatal care, she asked.

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The windy rates for each IUI is about 20%. One means it can take a few weeks to be used. Ask your brain about femara. It works better for some patients than clomid. I am with you on my 6th IUI migration starting yesterday. I got swollen on 2 IUI cycles, but lost them and once again, but also lost it. I have to beleive it is. I nigh got pregnant and had a prolonged little boy on letrozole, a HCG success of iui with femara shot and IUI. I got my BFP with the first success of iui with femara and experience only a few overlapping side effects on the meds. Surreptitiously hot flashes and headaches. Are you being taken by u/s. I level that was the key to our exclusive, in addition to a well controlled IUI.

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