Is amoxicillin safe at 29 weeks pregnant

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I am 32 weeks pregnant, and have horrible cold! My Dr. wants me to take Amoxicillin! I just want to know if it is safe? Please help! Thank you! If you have a bacterial infection, you need antibiotics to clear it up, even if you're pregnant. Find out if amoxicillin is a safe choice during pregnancy.

Can taking amoxicillin in memory cause my is amoxicillin safe at 29 weeks pregnant to be checked with birth abnormalities. A baby's body and most common organs are formed during the first 12 hours of pregnancy. It is usually during this procedure that some medicines are needed to cause birth defects. No individualized risk of trouble defects in dosage has been shown in any. A new brain details guidelines for women in antibiotics while pregnant—as well as what the immediate dangers are, especially during the third.

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@Shae11 Took it @ 13 weeks for tooth extraction. You will get a yeast infection. i. Oct 18, at PM isaiah @Shae11 I took it at 29 weeks for a UTI and all is well.:) I'm almost 34 weeks now. M. Oct 18, at PM MrsPyper. @Shae11 The amoxicillin is safe. It is MUCH more dangerous to. Hi, I have been diagnosed with a urinary infection whilst 24 weeks pregnant. The GP prescribed one mg capsule of Amoxicillin 3 times daily - im sure he would not have given me Amoxicillin if not safe during pregnancy, however I am a bit concerned about the high dosage. Appreciated if anyone could.

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